All our jewellery pieces are made of 925 sterling silver and 18 carat gold plating. Any other material used in combination will be specified in the product's description. 
Do note that all silver material will gradually lose its shine but they can be easily polished with a silver cloth.
The lifetime of your jewellery highly depends on its storage, usage, and wearer. Your skin’s PH level and your skin type can both affect the longevity .

To keep your jewellery in best condition and enjoy it longer we recommend:

• Store each piece individually to avoid scratching.
• Remove them before applying sanitiser, makeup, perfume, hair and skin products.
• Avoid contact with water and chemicals.
• Remove before bathing or showering.
• Clean occasionally by gently wiping preferably with ‘Le Mandorle silver polish cloth’ or another clean, dry and soft cloth.


Sustainable Wearable Sculptures.