1. What Makes You Happy Graphics

    Graphics by Cave of Wonders
  2. Shanghai Neighbourhood Documentary

    Documented by Rodney Ye, Shanghai, 2022
  3. Ulterior Motive Illustrations

    Illustrated by Lilomosquito, 2022  
  4. Ulterior Motive Documentary

    Still Life Documented by Tara L, Quarantine Hotel, 2022  
  5. Autumn in Florence Documentary

    Documented by Victoria Huisman, Florence,Italy, 2021  
  6. Summer in Berlin Documentary

    Video Documented by Mira Seisembayeva, Berlin, Germany, 2021
  7. The Summer Escapade Pop-up

    The Summer Escapade Pop-up Store, Hong Kong, 2022
  8. The Summer Escapade Booklet

    The Summer Escapade Booklet design by Tara L, 2021

Sustainable Wearable Sculptures.