Chapter 002

Being beyond what is seen or avowed; intentionally kept concealed.

The collection invites a thoughtful examination of the shapes around us and aims to surprise beyond the act of wearing, encouraging an exploration of function within form.

Each item in the series showcases a signature contour paired with an implicit purpose while remaining true to le mandorle's sustainable, considerate, and timeless motifs. Drawing inspiration from various folk and intellectual puzzles, the collection cleverly reimagines these classics as culturally-inspired wearable sculptures through the use of 3d modeling techniques, combining context and contour.

The collection's underlying message is to encourage the discovery of what lies beyond aesthetic expectations and to find one's own ulterior motives. With its unique blend of functionality and form, ulterior motive presents an opportunity to embrace new perspectives and explore the hidden depths of design.

Discover what lies beyond aesthetic expectations to find your own ulterior motives.


Sustainable Wearable Sculptures.