About Us

About Us

Le Mandorle (LM) is a jewelry design studio that delicately weaves artistry and practicality into wearable sculptures. The design philosophy of the studio delves deep into the exploration of form and function, elevating everyday objects into ethereal adornments.

Founded in 2021 by Tara Lee, the name Le Mandorle, which translates to "The Almond" in Italian, reflects the brand's philosophy of simplicity, organic beauty, and effortless sophistication. LM aspires to embody the potential of an almond seed, a precious natural offering from Mother Nature, by allowing it to flourish into diverse creative expressions.
The studio is committed to ethical sourcing and hypoallergenic materials, with a focus on using primarily recycled sterling silver with 18k gold plating. This commitment ensures that each piece is accessible to all who sock to adorn themselves in wearable art. Marrying traditional craftsmanship and modern 3D printing technology, LM imbues each creation with a seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair, infused with a sense of purpose.



Designer's Bio

TARA LEE Is a womenswear fashion designer who graduated from London College of Fashion. Her passion for design led her to work at renowned fashion houses such as CELINE, where she worked as a 3D Designer Assistant under the creative direction of Phoebe Philo, and JIL SANDER, where she served as a Runway Womenswear Designer under the creative direction of Luke & Lucie Meier. Her experience at both brands has influenced her design philosophy, which centers around minimalism and simplicity. LEE values high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, prioritising functionality over trends to create pieces that can be worn season after season. These design principles are evident in her founding of LE MANDORLE, a jewellery design studio that delicately weaves artistry and practicality into wearable sculptures.




At Le Mandorle, we believe that sustainability begins with responsible sourcing. We take great care in selecting precious metals, packaging materials, and branding materials that have an ultra-low carbon impact and can be repurposed. From the initial stages of sourcing and sampling to production and shipping, we prioritise purposeful processes with less waste, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and less mindless consumption. We are committed to utilising our knowledge and expertise to create a sustainable future for all.
The manufacturer selected by Le Mandorle utilises renewable energy sources and adheres to waste and chemical management procedures that meet international standards. With a focus on ethical and socially responsible practices, they have been certified by third-party ventures that are considerate of the entire supply chain.


Sustainability Packaging

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Sustainable Wearable Sculptures.