The Anatomy of Unconditionality - Conversation with DJ Ahura Mazda

Conversation with
DJ Ahura Mazda

Ahura Mazda invites you to a sonic experience that he hopes warms your heart, and reminds you of the beauty of this world that is often not in the superficial things, but in connectedness and unity. 

From ambient vibrations that resonate with nature’s organic sounds, to funky tunes that connect you to the things and people you love unconditionally; I am delighted to have you on this journey with me, the Le Mandorle team and all artists involved in this amazing project!

What does the concept of unconditionality mean to you personally, and how does the idea of unconditionality influence your artistic process and approach to creating music?

Unconditionality to me is all about respect. And respect to me is the acceptance of the people and world around as it is; as it is presented to you. Having a look around, seeing the chaos, the pain, the laughter, and not understanding what on earth is going on… and instead of retreating to feelings of hate, judgment, and distrust, pausing for a moment and saying to yourself:
“This is reality. This is my desire for reality. There is a difference between the two, and that is ok. Let me unconditionally accept both no matter the outcome and try to transform the former into the later. To the best of my ability. In the present moment. ”
The present moment plays a lot into it. DJing to me is all about the present moment. When I play nothing else exists but me, the beautiful people, the music that connects and transpires. As one unit in the present.
Towards the end of my debut set I bursted into tears playing a song dedicated to the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran. I never planned to cry but there it was, only there and then. The present. And the audience cried with me. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Do you believe that music has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people on a deeper level, regardless of their backgrounds or differences? How does this belief intersect with the concept of unconditionality?

Music is life! Rhythm, movement, stories. Music summarizes and narrates life better than anything, without needing to even try hard. Music accepts everyone as who they are and gives them a platform to live their truest selves. Which is what unconditionality to me is.

How were you inspired to become a DJ and create music? How does your experience as a photographer inform your ability to capture emotions and translate them into the sonic realm?

For one reason or another I found myself an unhappy photographer. I was a classical pianist for 10 years and at a tough time in life decided to go back to the roots. Playing music brings pure joy to the deepest crevices of my soul. And photography was not doing that. I see beauty in quitting, and leaving behind what does not bring you joy. No hard feelings. That is the biggest gift I got from my photography journey! I learned to pursue the things I love and not accept the harsh realities; instead carving my own unique path in music. It also gave me deep respect for photographers, designers, stylists, HMUAs, and everyone else in the fashion sphere. You’re all warriors!

When you're creating tunes and playlists for an exhibition "The Anatomy of Unconditionality," what elements do you consider to capture the essence of the artwork and ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience?what emotions or reactions do you aim to evoke through your music?

The pieces from Le Mandorle were a huge inspiration! The Martian Bloom collection (my favorite being the Bloom Choker!) represents the most dreamy intersection between natural beauty and how we (as 21st century humans in a “metal” world) perceive that said beauty.
It doesn’t have to be literal. Beauty is everywhere & it is all interconnected.
With the music I wanted to bring you natural ambient tones that will warm your heart; the soft somber song of a bird on a misty morning in the green canopies of a faraway forest that you somehow feel connected to without being there.  I slowly take you on a journey towards beauty of a different kind, which is Disco and Funk from the 80s. Disco represents diversity, inclusivity, dance, and love. 
What is really important to me is for the audience not to see these two parts as separate, but as one part of the larger image of love and unconditional giving. When you draw the dots, you realize nature and society are more connected than you might have imagined.

How does the collaboration with LE MANDORLE and being part of this exhibition resonate with your personal artistic journey? How does it align with your creative values and aspirations as a DJ and artist?

It has been an absolute dream. To blend so organically with the magic that Tara and the Le Mandorle team as well as the artists working on the exhibition are creating is no coincidence. It has set such an incredible tone for how I would like to collaborate and intertwine ideas in the feature. I am truly so excited for the event and that means a lot. Thank you team!

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