At Le Mandorle, we believe that sustainability begins with responsible sourcing. We take great care in selecting precious metals, packaging materials, and branding materials that have an ultra-low carbon impact and can be repurposed. From the initial stages of sourcing and sampling to production and shipping, we prioritise purposeful processes with less waste, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and less mindless consumption. We are committed to utilising our knowledge and expertise to create a sustainable future for all.

The manufacturer selected by Le Mandorle utilises renewable energy sources and adheres to waste and chemical management procedures that meet international standards. With a focus on ethical and socially responsible practices, they have been certified by third-party ventures that are considerate of the entire supply chain.



Our Plantable Envelope offers a sustainable alternative to traditional paper envelopes. Made from biodegradable eco-paper using post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste, it is embedded with a mixture of Black-eyed Susan seed and Sesame seed. To take it a step further, customers can plant the envelope inside our Machine Washable Paper Bag, providing a second life for the bag and a home for the seeds to grow.

Sustainable Wearable Sculptures.